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Entry #1

Back in Business

2011-12-14 13:32:03 by Indigno-Studios

After an exceedingly long hiatus from animation, I am back! I want to apologize for my latest submission, The Touch of God, it was proof of concept more than anything. DuikerHall and I are currently working on a new cartoon, and we plan to have it ready by the end of this week. We are going to be keeping with the same general art style, but the animation quality will be significantly better.

Also, to clarify, I have not left the Lock Legion. I'm just concentrating on non-lock flash while I am back in my home town and am able to work with DuikerHall personally. I have a simple Lock flash on the back burner, and I plan on working on it this January. 2012 is going to be a very productive year for me; in flash and in several other side-projects that I'll keep everyone posted on as they solidify a bit more.


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2011-12-14 19:58:24

good luck with your stuff!